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Shopping for Custom Rulers

The ideal giveaway is one that is useful. In fact, 81% of promotional products that are considered useful are kept long after they are received. That not only helps with brand exposure but building brand loyalty as well. Custom rulers can be used in offices, schools and even homes, making them great giveaways to promote your company, organization or establishment.

Who Needs Rulers?

Aside from the everyday convenience of having a ruler on hand, there are certain niches that custom rulers really appeal to. Many schools and learning facilities hand out promotional rulers as part of a welcome pack to their students. This is the perfect environment to promote not only the facility itself but also private tutoring or extra help organizations. Send custom rulers with your name and logo in bulk for teachers to pass out to their students. The schools will appreciate receiving free materials and the students (and parents) will become familiar with your brand.

In addition to schools, the art and construction industries are also in need of rulers on a regular basis. Target art studios, photography groups, contractors and architects with items that are of everyday use to them: rulers.

What Material Should I Choose?

Custom rulers and yard sticks come in plastic, wood or metal. The material you choose should be based on the audience you are handing them out to. While metal is very sturdy, wood or plastic may be a safer choice for young school children.

For professionals like architects and artists, buying metal rulers with your logo will withstand the test of time and give you the biggest bang for your buck.

What are Novelty Rulers?

Novelty rulers are considered anything outside of the traditional, single-functioning ruler. These items are different and interesting. For example, curl-up or fold-up rulers can be used as both measurement devices and toys. Colored and colorable rulers offer customization and fun.

In addition, there are various multifunction rulers with options such as magnifying glasses, stencils, calculators, etc. Novelty rulers may be a little more costly than standard, traditional rulers, but offer an extra layer of usefulness that your customers will love.

How Can I Distribute Custom Rulers?

Use custom rulers as part of a care package or welcome package to new customers, clients or students. You can also bring them with you to events like trade shows or have your street team hand them out. But one of the best things about buying rulers with your logo is that they are flat and lightweight, making them ideal for mailings. Slip them in thank you letters or introduction letters for a little something extra that will make you stand out from your competition.

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