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Shopping for Military Promotional Products

There are several reasons you might want to hand out military promotional products. Maybe you're endorsing a specific branch or even recruiting new soldiers. Perhaps you'd like show your support for America's troops or honor our nation's veterans. Whatever your reason for shopping for military promos, we're here to help you find a product you and your recipients will love.

How will you narrow down your search? Answer the questions below, and you'll be steps closer to choosing a brilliant military promo product.

Which branch are you shopping for?

The U.S. military is made up of many different branches. Motivators offers a variety of products that are appropriate for any of the military's branches. For instance, water bottles, pens and pencils, dog tags and key chains are ideal for all.

But if you're looking for something a bit more specific, you can narrow your search. Shoppers can choose between promos for the Air Force, Army, Marines, National Guard or Navy. The products in each of these categories have been hand-picked by Motivators staff members so you can be sure your items will appeal to recipients.

Looking to recruit?

Promo products are fantastic tools for recruiting. If you're a local recruiter looking for enlistees, think about which items your audience is more likely to use and enjoy. For example, your audience will love Motivators' variety of camouflage accessories. We've got everything from hats to hand sanitizers in a cool, camouflage pattern.

If you're not interested in camouflage-themed products, consider giving away branded notebooks when you meet with possible recruits. Recipients will appreciate having somewhere to write any notes, questions or comments they may have. Plus, your imprinted logo will stand out nicely on these high-quality items.

Supporting the troops?

Active duty military personnel are arguably the most in-need of your love and support. They risk their lives daily to ensure we're safe and sound here at home.

There are various ways you can help out. Many people choose to send letters and care packages to the men and women serving our country. Motivators makes it easy to reach loved ones serving abroad; APO/FPO delivery via USPS is available. Simply ask one of our promotional consultants for more information. Others opt to donate blood, fundraise or volunteer.

One way you can show your support from home is to pass out military promotional products that people can show off. For example, you can imprint awareness ribbon magnets with a message of support and pass them out to friends and family members. They look great on cars and will be visible daily.

Military families could always use a little love and support, too. Lend a helping hand by giving out customized teddy bears and other toys to children. You can also create personalized gifts for military moms and dads. Your thoughtful gesture will not be forgotten.

Honoring veterans?

Americans observe two official events to recognize our nation's veterans: Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Whether you're celebrating one of these holidays or simply want to show your appreciation for those who fought for your freedom, consider distributing military promotional products. It's important that United States veterans receive the recognition they deserve.

At you'll find pages dedicated to Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Products featured have been hand-picked by knowledgeable industry professionals, so you can be sure your recipients will be pleased.

No matter what your reason for handing out military promotional products, you can trust Motivators for high-quality merchandise. Best of all, we're here to help you every step of the way. If you have any more questions after reading through this guide, don't hesitate to give one of our experienced promotional consultants a call at (800) 525-9600. We can't wait to get started!

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