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Shopping for Winning Government Giveaways

There are many different reasons one might want to purchase government promotional products, and that's because there are various types of governments. From federal and state politics to the town school board, giveaways help a variety of governments to get their message across. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones.

Getting out the vote?

Voting and elections are important in every democracy. That's why whether you're promoting a state senate race or a town school board election, it's important to reach voters. Spread the word about a specific candidate or issue by passing out campaign giveaways. Choose from affordable items like buttons and stickers to get the biggest bang for your buck.

You can also simply encourage people to vote by distributing patriotic promos. Americans are not required by law to vote, but items that inspire patriotism may just get them to the booths. Pass out your products at community events to reach the most people at once.

Promoting a government-sponsored event?

There's much more to government than voting. Many legislative bodies sponsor big events that can be marketed using promotional products. For example, the federal government oversees dozens of nationwide awareness initiatives. boasts a large selection of products perfect for promoting a variety of awareness events, from National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to National Blood Donor Month.

Other government-sponsored events include town meetings, fairs, festivals and educational seminars. Increase awareness about your upcoming occasion using promotional products from Motivators.

Publicizing a government department?

School boards, police and fire departments, and park and public safety committees are all examples of government sectors that use promotional products. A town's board of education might use giveaways to boost a school district's reputation, for instance. Emergency response services, like police officers and firefighters, can distribute products to raise funds for volunteers. Town and county officials often promote parks and recreation with promotional handouts as well.

Which giveaways are our most popular for government promos? For homeowners, kitchen and household items are always a hit. (Think spatulas, cutting boards, etc.) Kids love fun items such as coloring books and toys. Products like flashing buttons will help to bring attention to your message.

What size is right?

When shopping, remember to consider how and where you'll be distributing your political-themed giveaways. If you're promoting an election at the federal level, smaller products like bumper stickers, bumper magnets and lawn signs can easily be mailed to recipients all around the country at an affordable price.

With local elections you have a bit more flexibility. Distribute your political promotional items at community events and you won't have to worry about size. Think of it this way: No postage, no worries!

As you can see, a government can take many different forms. Whether you're promoting a town event, a candidate for office, or a national awareness initiative, promotional products can help. Our promotional consultants are experienced in creating giveaways for your branch of the government. We're excited to get to work on your promotional project!

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