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The Benefits of Branding with Promotional Auto Accessories

Americans spend an average of 1.5 hours per day in their vehicles according to a poll by ABC news. Whether commuting to and from work, vacationing, running errands or simply traveling from point A to point B, a significant amount of time is spent in our cars, trucks, etc. day in and day out. This gives companies and organizations like yours the perfect opportunity to increase brand exposure and build loyalty.

The more people are exposed to your logo, tagline or company name, the more likely they are to remember it next time they are in need of your product or service. With an average of 1.5 hours spent in the car each day, that's 1.5 hours of constant exposure to items inside the vehicle.

Inside Auto Items

The promotional products kept within a vehicle include things like air fresheners, auto organizers and car chargers. Floor mats and valet key rings can also be helpful promotional auto items. Multipurpose USB chargers can be used for cell phones, iPads, iPods and more. These items not only come in handy but will apply to a wide demographic because drivers of all ages can find use for them.

Outside Auto Items

Items that attach to or go on the outside of the vehicle not only remind the owner of that vehicle about your brand each day, but also turn that one vehicle into a moving billboard for hundreds or even thousands of others to see. Items like license plate frames, magnets and bumper stickers are ideal for getting your company name and image out there for the world to see.

Auto Upkeep Items

People appreciate receiving items for free that would otherwise cost them money. Things like car wash kits, car care accessories and emergency kits are nice to have on hand. These are thoughtful giveaways that portray your organization as one that cares about the wellbeing and safety of its customers and the things that are important to them.

Winter Auto Items

For businesses and organizations located in colder climates, you can help your customers winterize with snow brushes and ice scrapers. You can even chose a combination item that does both so you know they're covered no matter what winter throws their way. These items are durable and can come in handy on a daily basis for many months of the year depending on the area.

Every morning when your customers and potential customers scrape the ice from the windshield or brush the snow off the roof of the car, they will be reminded of your brand. Not only will they see your company name and logo each day, but passers-by will see it as well, increasing both brand exposure and brand loyalty.

More Ideas

Other ideas for those who spend a lot of time in their cars include items that may not be considered auto accessories but rather things one might find useful during travel. For example, travel mugs and water bottles are great because they help people be environmentally friendly while staying hydrated. Plus, they allow people to bring their favorite beverages on the go with them.

Travel games are ideal for families, helping to keep children occupied on long trips or car rides. You can also choose compact umbrellas that people can keep in the car so that they are always prepared for inclement weather. In addition, keychains make good giveaways for anyone who owns a vehicle; just make sure to choose one that is lightweight and smaller so that it is more convenient for the driver.

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