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The Power of Promotional Products

It's hard to describe what it is we actually do at Motivators. We produce "Branding Opportunities That Work!" - But what does that mean exactly? The promotional products industry is a tough one to explain. Let us suffice it to say that we provide something tangible that people can actually hold onto to remember the advertiser by.

In other words, promotional products offer your brand the staying power you need to become a household name.

Why Promotional Products?

Promotional products were born in the 18th century when George Washington used political brass buttons to promote his campaign efforts. Only a few short years later, book bags became a popular branding tool, and from there the industry spiraled up and out.

According to various industry studies, promotional products are the most cost-effective form of advertising. For over 200 years, they've been integrated into the general public's daily lives, and the people love it! In fact, 83% of American consumers surveyed in a recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) reported that they like receiving promotional products with an advertising message and 48% would like to receive them more often. On average, promos are kept for seven months. Not only that, but over 3/4 of people could remember a specific product, the advertiser and even the message from a promotional product they received within the past two years. Talk about staying power!

Almost half of people surveyed reported to have a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving a promotional product, and nearly one quarter reported that they are more likely to do business with an advertiser that gives them a promo.

The average cost per impression of these items is $0.004, making promotional products the least expensive form of advertising.

Start Shopping

So now that you know the sheer power promotional products offer to your advertising efforts, let's talk about how to choose the type of product that will be most effective for your individual needs. For this, you'll want to start with your target audience.

You need to get a good handle on who is buying your product or service, attending your event or becoming a member of your organization. Whom do you cater to? What do they want? Look at your biggest group of customers first to determine who will use your promotional products.

If you are in a specific niche, you can shop by industry to find items that are useful or have a running theme for that niche. To appeal to the general public, shop the most popular categories of promotional products: apparel, writing instruments, calendars, drinkware, bags, keychains and stressballs.

Think About Your Industry

Promotional products are versatile and can be used for a great many things. To narrow down the options, think about who uses promotional products and how your audience will use yours. From product launches and store openings to buying incentives, branding and fundraisers, promos can help any business or organization accomplish its goals. For some more ideas on the uses of promotional products, here is just a small glimpse into the many possibilities by industry:

IndustryUse Promos for...
Admission Events
Campus Career Centers
School Spirit
ConstructionWorkers at Job Sites
Client Retention
Contract Signings
FinancialAccount Openings
Seminar Attendee Gifts
Banking Incentives
InsuranceNew Client Gifts
Build Client Relationships
Introduce Plans or Products
Real EstateOpen House Giveaways
Recognition Awards
Business Card Supplements
Open House Signage
Food ServicesGrand Openings
Parting Gifts
On-Site Branding
Open House Giveaways
Patient Care Package
Wellness Fairs
Hospitality & TourismOn-Site Branding
Grand Openings
Upgrade Incentives
AutomotiveSigning Bonus
Thank You Gifts
Upgrade Incentives

Settle on a Goal

What comes to mind most often when you hear about promotional products is trade show giveaways. Yes, branded items are ideal for handing out at trade shows, but there is a whole world of opportunity promotional products offer outside even the trade show arena.

In addition to trade show giveaways consider handing our promos at fundraisers or even selling them as fundraisers. Organizations that use promotional products can do so to raise awareness or promote school spirit. Create hype for a product launch or store opening. Give branded items to high-end clients around the holidays or on a larger scale to your employees as corporate gifts. If you have a brick and mortar store, use them as signage or shopping bags.

Promotional products can be free gifts with purchase to get people to buy from you or incentives to spend a certain amount. You can also sell them to encourage loyalty. And for personal use, imprinted items make ideal wedding and party favors, gifts, even campaigning items. Because there are so many options when it comes to these products, your intended use for them and your goal will help steer your buying decision.

Consider Your Budget

Your budget should be established after you decide on how you intend to use your promos. If they are to be sold, you can choose higher-end items, knowing that some of the cost will be directly compensated by the sales. You could also choose these types of items if you plan on using them as corporate gifts to show your appreciation to employees as well as top customers and clients.

For giveaways, you'll need to look at the expected return on your investment. A high-end giveaway like that corporate gift, for example, may in turn provide you with a stronger bond than inexpensive trade show giveaways. Conversely, your reach will be wider with those inexpensive giveaways.

Both methods of distribution are equally as effective but in different ways. These are the types of things you should consider when allocating your budget. It will help you decide what type of item to go with and how many to order.

Be Compliant

If your promotional products are being handed out to children or intended for children 12 years or younger, there are certain safety precautions that must be met. Always talk to your promotional consultant about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) to make sure toys, books, clothes, etc. that you distribute are compliant.

Make a Statement

While they're the perfect branding tools, promotional products can also be used to help you make a statement. Whether it's raising awareness for a particular cause or showing your audience that you care about the environment by going green, promos can help you get that message across.

Buying products made solely in the USA also makes the statement that you not only care about American jobs and are dedicated to buying American-made items, but also care about the quality of the items you are offering your clients, customers and employees.

Save Where You Can

If you're in a bind for time or running too close for comfort over budget, look for items that allow you to save. Choose promotional products that are on sale or shop items under a dollar to drive down the overall cost. If you have your heart set on a particular type of product that has a slightly higher price per item, there are other ways to cut costs.

Many items are available with free shipping, which will help a lot with the bottom line. You can also find items that offer free set up and others that offer free rush service to eliminate fees where possible. Low minimum quantity requirements are another way to save because you can order fewer items. And don't forget to look for deals and coupons to save as well.

Call with Questions

You have a ton of choices before you and literally tens of thousands of products to choose from. There is no shame in needing a little help from a professional. Motivators strives to make the process seamless with helpful guides, product sorting, and an easy-to-use online shopping cart, but we understand that even with all of these tools it's not always that simple.

That's why we offer trained promotional consultants for you to... well... consult! Use our knowledge and experience to your advantage. Call us at 1-800-525-9600 with any and all questions. We're happy to guide you through every step of the way.

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